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Handmade raspberry and toasted hazelnut ice cream at Old Casa Continental

Originally published in Taos News

Six desserts that stand out in a town known for the high quality of its bakeries

A taste of Veracruz

If you are downtown, don’t miss Antonio’s—A Taste of Mexico, the recipient of several Best of Taos awards, First Place for Red Chile and many more recognition. This five-star restaurant is located on Guadalupe Plaza and serves authentic Mexican food, with a Veracruz twist. Food is plenty and delicious but at Antonio’s there is always room for dessert, said manager Benina Roybal. You can’t go wrong with minichimichangas, a combination of cream cheese, mango sauce, and a kick of strawberry inside a cinnamon-coated, deep fried pastry. Minichimichangas are served with a generous portion of vanilla ice cream. Hot, cold and definitely yummy. Antonio Matus, the owner, came up with the recipe himself.

A molto Siciliana treat

The charming atmosphere (red tablecloths, candles, soft music, and friendly staff) will make you feel at home in this New York-style Italian restaurant right in the heart of Taos. Chef Alex Giordano is a master baker who considers the cannoli filled with ricotta cheese one of his favorite creations. The tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough are one of Sicily’s signature desserts. Chef Giordano puts sparks of chocolate chips inside and makes the shell scrumptiously crunchy. An order of canolli is the perfect final chord for any meal.

Sweet indulgences

The dessert counter at Old Martina’s Hall is a mouthwatering display of sweet indulgences. The bakers are there every morning at 4 am to prepare everything from scratch so you can always count on having good, freshly made pastries. Among them, the fruit tart is an all-time classic. The sweet, slightly crunchy crust is filled with a luscious cream that will melt in your mouth, and topped with delicate pieces of strawberry, apricot and other seasonal fruits. Accompanied by a truly European-style cappuccino, this is a satisfying end to any meal or a comforting winter snack.

An award-winning bakery

A well-traveled restaurateur, Karen Todd has made Dragonfly Café and Bakery known for the quality of its homemade entrees (all prepared with organic and local ingredients) as well as an amazing array of desserts. It has also received several Best of Taos awards. “Every bakery item is made in-house and we use only natural sweeteners,” Todd said.  There is a tempting selection to choose from, but the chocolate tart with almonds, caramel and Port wine, with a sprinkle of salt on top, is a sure winner.

From Denmark with love

Old Casa Continental opened up in August 2013 but is had already become a favorite for locals and tourists. The Danish Chef, Mogens Hansen, is a dessert master. The handmade raspberry and toasted hazelnut ice cream is one of his specialties. Served with chocolate mousse, also made in-house, it is an unforgettable treat.

Orlando’s very unique flan

They serve a tasty avocado pie and homemade biscochitos, but their flan is the best in town. Light, fluffy and with whip cream on top, this is a culinary delight that has the word “Taos” written all over its golden top.


Antonio’s is located at 122 Dona Luz St, Taos, NM87571
Phone:(575) 751-4800
Mondo Italiano is located at 622 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM 87571
Phone:(575) 758-1329
Old Martina’s Hall is located at 4140 New Mexico 68, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557
Phone:(575) 758-3003
Dragonfly Cafe & Bakery is located at 402 Paseo delPuebloNorte Taos, New Mexico87571      
 Phone: 575-737-5859  
Old Casa Continental is located at 1014 Paseo del Pueblo Sur
Phone: 575 758 4522
Orlando’s is located at 1114 Don Juan Valdez Lane  Taos, NM87571
Phone; (575) 751-1450