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Specialty of the house: young chef shines at Eske’s

Photo: Tina Larkin If a good chef must have a passion for food, a cooking background and a healthy dose of creativity then Richard Pyatt, one of the youngest chefs in town, fits the bill. He is 19 years old … Continue reading

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Taos dances its way into fall

August 27th  was Taos Academy of Dance Arts’ Registration Day, an all-day festival to introduce its line up of new dance classes for the Fall season. TADA classes start September 6th, right after Labor Day, and include a children’s creative … Continue reading

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The Northside Fitness Center offers seniors strength and fun

(Originally published in The Taos News) Good news for people over sixty-five! If you are a senior citizen and have an insurance policy with Humana, Lovelace, Presbyterian or Secure Horizons Health Plans, you will get free membership at any local … Continue reading

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Teo Morca: the language of flamenco

Originally published in Tempo (The Taos News) The polished wood floor of the Taos Academy of Dance Arts resonates under the rhythmic tap of the dancers’ feet. Their colorful skirts move like giant butterflies. Daniel Swayne plays the guitar and … Continue reading

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