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Hasta que el mortgage nos separe (Until the Mortgage Do Us Part) was staged by Aguijon Theater in May 2009.

In a hilarious homage to Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Phillip Carballo is a middle-aged Cuban exile whose real estate company is crumbling. His family life is also suffering: his soap-opera-obsessed wife discovers they are close to losing their home and his son looks for the right time to reveal a secret everybody knows but no one wants to mention. Philip’s lover suggests they leave Miami and start over somewhere else. But are second chances possible in these troubled times? Directed by Rosario Vargas and performed in Spanish.

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La Hija de La Llorona (The Wailing Woman’s  Daughter) was staged by Aguijon Theater In November 2006.


Press Release

In this first play by Teresa Dovalpage, Caridad—a foul-mouthed Cuban refugee used to pulling herself up by her stiletto straps in her native Havana—finds herself in Albuquerque as the new member of a traditional New Mexican family. With three cultures (New Mexican, Cuban and American) living under one roof and differing on almost everything, clashes are inevitable. The post-partum depression she suffers doesn’t exactly contribute to domestic tranquility and the shadow of La Llorona roams the house with wicked intentions. Things reach a boiling point during a Day of the Dead when some family secrets are revealed.

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