Aponi Kai and the business of modeling

Originally published in Taos News Though you may not know Aponi Kai in person, it is very possible that you have seen her face. She was the image for Gertrude Zachary Jewelry, displayed on billboards and on the side of buses throughout New Mexico. She has also modeled for Fuller Cosmetics and the Wall Street…

Laugh yourself healthy: the many benefits of Laughter Yoga

Photo: Katharine Egli Story and images originally published in Taos News Do you think you have nothing to laugh about? Try a session of Laughter Yoga and you may change your mind. “Laughter yoga, as an established practice, was developed in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor in India who was researching the effects…

Las Pistoleras Cultural Institute to host poetry reading

Originally published in Tempo, Taos News Culture, food and feminine power are the themes of the poetry reading “In this kitchen breathes a sensuous woman.” The event has been conceived to empower community and familial identity. It includes poetry by women of northern New Mexico, music, refreshments and promotion of Las Cabras and Que Linda chemical-free products….

Final Eyes: old-world skills, new-age technology

Originally published in Taos News Barbara Scott, owner of Final Eyes, an editing, proofreading and typography service, started early in the business. “I began in 1981,” she said. “It was just a type house and all I did was typography, but I learned a lot from the art directors and designers I worked for. Then…

From Habanera, a portrait of a Cuban family

The novel is available in Amazon here Weddings, las bodas…The name conjured up visions of satin dresses, white flowers, Wagner’s wedding march and monumental cakes. But the “special period” had changed that too, scaling down the celebrations. Newlyweds were allowed to buy just one meringue cake for their party. They had the right to a…

The Coffee Spot—long hours, strong coffee and friendly staff

Eric Tate and his daughter, Augusta Kyna Nellie Tate Originally published in Taos News There are many reasons why The Coffee Spot has stayed busy and successful since Eric Tate bought it in 2010. “One of them is that we honor our name by brewing good and strong coffee,” Tate said. “We don’t skimp on it….

Storytelling show to benefit SOMOS and Metta Theater

Originally published in Tempo, Taos News Writing is serious business, as most writers know, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun as well. Lit Up Writers is here to prove it. The inaugural comedic storytelling event will be held on Saturday, November 15th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Metta Theater as a fundraiser for…

A Virgin for Cachita

From The Astral Plane: Stories of Cuba, The Southwest, and Beyond “Coffee is a great procurer of witchcraft and one shouldn’t drink it in strangers’ homes.” Lydia Cabrera, El Monte. Martin poured milk in his cup of coffee and kept adding it until the mix became the color of Cachita’s skin, a light brown hue….

El Difunto Fidel, eBook

My short novel El difunto Fidel C. (Spanish) that won the Rincon de la Victoria Award in 2009, is available as paperback. To buy the paper edition, follow this link If you prefer to buy the Kindle edition, it is available here Esta novela, ganadora del V Premio Rincón de la Victoria, se publicó por…

A chic-tea short story

Every Third Wednesday at the Saint James Tearoom A short story, now available in Amazon Three friends get together at the Saint James Tearoom in Albuquerque and deal with work issues, infidelity, how-to books and all things middle-aged. Featuring a real place, St. James Tearoom, in Albuquerque