Death under the Perseids

“Sharply-plotted, highly readable, evocative, and timely—Teresa Dovalpage’s latest is her best yet. Death Under the Perseids is an author at the top of her game, and a must-read for mystery fans who love great locations paired with even better characters. I couldn’t put this book down.” 
—Alex Segura, acclaimed author of the Pete Fernandez Miami Mystery series and Star Wars Poe Dameron: Free Fall

“A twisty mystery filled with complex characters caught under a cloud of suspicion, Death Under the Perseids will keep you guessing until the end. Teresa Dovalpage transports readers to Havana on an ill-fated cruise where danger abounds.”
Chanel Cleeton, New York Times bestselling author of The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba

“In this tale of love and betrayal, Dovalpage reminds us that, much like the meteors that illuminate the night sky, so will the past catch up to cast a light on our darkest moments.”
—Melissa Rivero, Author of The Affairs of the Falcóns

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Gumshoe Review

“If Agatha Christie was Cuban, she would have written this mystery. It contains the following: a tremendous amount of emotional drama that is centered around a very flawed heroine, Merceditas “Mercy” Spivey; a warm, exotic island that is visited by many tourists; a lovely cruise ship; and a bizarre mystery involving a diverse group of obnoxious people.”

The Toronto Star

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“Mercedes Spivey, the narrator and central character in this refreshing and elusive Cuban crime novel, is thirty years old, a little saucy and a lot tragique.”

The Taos News

“Readers of author and translator Dovalpage will recall her previous mystery, “Death of a Telenovela Star,” also took place aboard a cruise ship, a perfect Agatha Christiesque crucible of suspicion and subversive motivation. In this case, why do all the usual suspects in Merceditas’ past life with ex-boyfriend Lorenzo seem to be onboard this maiden cruise to Cuba?”

Latino Book Review

Beyond being a riveting and pleasurable read, Death Under the Perseids by Teresa Dovalpage provides an uncommon perspective on present-day Havana, one that is apolitical and unclouded by nostalgia . . . Savor the delectable food and evocative place details, the crafty plotting, and laugh-out-loud humor . . . Death Under the Perseids makes an outstanding contribution to the whodunit genre and to contemporary Latinx literature as a whole.”

Ms. Magazine

“The latest Havana Mystery won’t disappoint Dovalpage fans or newcomers alike. The combination of plot, setting and characters make for a compelling read.”

Publishers Weekly

“Armchair travelers will appreciate the views of Havana through the eyes of Mercedes and her grandmother . . . Dovalpage remains a writer to watch.”