A Girl like Che Guevara

A Girl like Che Guevara (Soho Press, 2004)

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1982. Havana, Cuba. Sixteen-year-old Lourdes yearns to emulate Che Guevara. Every summer she and other high school students till the tobacco fields to prove their dedication to Fidel and the Revolution. Herself the product of a biracial marriage, she outwardly scoffs at the old ways, but wears an azabache amulet under her clothing, next to her Che medallion, to ward off evil spirits and secretly prays to the orisha Yemayá. The harsh realities of life in a glorified work camp lead her to question her allegiances. Why does she want to be like Che?

“Piquant.”  —O, The Oprah Magazine“An intriguing glimpse into Castro’s Cuba.”  —Kirkus Reviews“Absorbing … [A] rich picture of Havana and the beguiling Cuban landscape.”  —Publishers Weekly

“Absolutely remarkable. A Girl Like Che Guevara explodes with brilliance. An exquisite and intensely moving novel about adolescence and the rites of passage… A triumphant achievement, destined for a place of honor, and a long, long life.”  —Carlos Eire, author of Waiting for Snow in Havana, 2003 National Book Award Winner

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