Habanera, A Portrait of a Cuban Family

Habanera, A Portrait of a Cuban Family (Floricanto Press, 2010)

Habanera: A Portrait of a Cuban Family

“La Habanera is an irresistible, even wickedly addictive ride into dysfunction within dysfunction.  Rick in wit and irony provided by Longina, a savvy young narrator coming of age in an eccentric family living in post-revolutionary Cuba, this novel delivers what Dovalpage does best: laugh-out-loud humor and deeply felt, deeply moving drama–all of it sharply spiced with bad and bawdy sandunga!”

Lorraine Lopez, author of The Gifted Gabaldon Sisters, winner of the   Miguel Marmol Prize for Fiction and a finalist for the 2010 PEN/ Faulkner Award.

“Habanera is a wonderfully lively and entertaining journey, alternately humorous and wistful. By the end, you will feel as if you have traveled to one of the most exotic islands on earth, during its most surrealistic historical moment.  Dovalpage is a master of quirky, loveable characters, and emotionally resonant narrative.  Habanera bursts with the energetic curiosity and hopefulness of youth. “
Margarita Engle,  Newbery Honor-winning author of The Surrender Tree.

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