Cuba, 1994 on steroids. El Habanazo

Photo BBC News

Never thought I would see Cubans taking the streets and demanding freedom.

And chanting “Patria y Vida,” Homeland and Life, as opposed to Patria o Muerte, the government’s morbid slogan.

This is 1994 on steroids.

But I don’t think it will end up with the dissenters leaving Cuba, not this time around. This is not a Maleconazo. This is an Habanazo, with all due respect to the many other cities that have joined the protests.

As someone who never dared to do anything (as we say in the island, I never threw an orange peel to a picture of Castro) I can just humbly say I am so proud of my Cuban people.

From CNN

Havana, Cuba CNN —  

Thousands of Cubans took to the streets in rare protests Sunday to complain about a lack of freedom and a worsening economic situation, according to protesters speaking to CNN and videos from multiple cities.

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This YouTuber, known as Alain Paparazzi Cubano, has been reporting for over eight hours (in Spanish).