Interview in Indie Crime Scene

I am so happy to share my first interview about my upcoming novel Death under the Perseids.

It was just published in Indie Crime Scene, and I am so grateful to Jessica and Cora.

Today it gives the Speculative Fiction Showcase great pleasure to interview Teresa Dovalpage, whose latest novel, Death under the Perseids, is our featured new release for 6th December.

Death under the Perseids is the fourth book in your Havana Mystery series. Can you tell us about the series and where it began?

The series began with a culinary mystery, Death Comes in through the Kitchen (Soho Crime, 2018). Matt, a San Diego journalist, travels to Havana to marry his girlfriend Yarmila, but finds her dead in a bathtub. The police suspect him so he hires Padrino, a former cop, who also happens to be a Santeria practitioner, to solve the case. That was my first mystery and I had so much fun writing it and creating the characters that I decided to continue with the same detectives (Padrino and Marlene Martinez) in the next books, Queen of Bones and Death of a Telenovela Star. Now with Death under the Perseids, which is still part of the series, I have a first-person female narrator, Mercedes. This is even more enjoyable as I can incorporate a lot more personal elements than in the previous novels. 

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