Two beauty experts set up shop at Yucca Plaza

Archuleta (left) and Jennings offer different services, but all are under one roof. “We want to make this a one-stop shop,” said Jenning

For those who want to take better care of their skin, Missy’s Organic Skincare and Spa and Bella Pelle (two businesses under one roof at Yucca Plaza) will be a welcome one stop shop.

                    Story and picture originally published in Taos News

“We want to make this space your one-stop shop for all your beauty needs,” said Missy Jennings, owner of Missy’s Organic Skincare and Spa. “From great facials to awesome eyebrows, we have the perfect solution to all your skin and beauty issues.”

Jennings, who used to be at Camino de la Placita, and Vera Archuleta, owner of Belle Pelle, formerly located on Cruz Alta, moved to the Yucca Plaza location this past November.

They currently offer facials and eyebrow shaping, and will be doing sugar waxing and full body massages soon.

Missy’s Organic Skincare: A line in development

Jennings, a former model, has been a licensed esthetician for about 16 years. She uses her own product line, Missy’s Organic Skincare, that she started in 2005.

One of her most popular products is the Six-Sense Melissa Balm Cleanser. It cleanses, tones, exfoliates, hydrates, has antiaging properties, and helps erase fine lines, sun spots, and other skin problems. “A miracle worker,” Jennings calls it.

She also has a replenish facial moisturizer and a body milk moisturizer. Among her new items are several custom-made masks that she creates taking into account each client’s skin type and personal needs.

“The ingredients include organic chocolate and banana,” she said. “I have a wonderful organic banana peel mask and a refreshing organic lemon peel mask. I design all the products myself and they are locally made at Private Label Select.”

Jennings caters to both a local and tourist clientele.

“I love what I do and will continue to offer the best services in Taos,” she said. “I want my clients to know that healthy skincare is my only focus.”

The eyebrow queen

Well-shaped eyebrows bring out the eyes and highlight them. Jennings has made eyebrow shaping her specialty.

“I custom your brows to your facial features,” she said. “Not just wax and send you on your way! Eyebrow design for me is an art. I take the time to sculpt the brow to each client’s unique facial structure.”

She has also developed a method to help re-grow brows that have been waxed away.

“This is a special technique to stimulate the brows’ hair growth,” she said. “I can take up to a half hour, so be prepared for the perfect brow.”

Janine Carasso is a longtime client of Jennings’.

“Missy is amazing,” she said. “Whenever I come to her, my skin looks younger and fresher than ever. Her facials are phenomenal and she has extreme precision at shaping eyebrows.”

Lessons from an entrepreneur

Since opening her business over three years ago, Jennings feels she has grown as a person and an entrepreneur.

“Some of the very important lessons I have learned is don’t take anything for granted,” she said. “To be successful means to keep a plan and focus on that plan. If you stray and lose sight, you can drop the ball.”

As a product developer, she has made 2017 “the year of the organic skincare product” for herself and her clients.

“That is a very strong focus for me,” she said. “My goal is to continue developing my products in order to sell them online and many other places and to reach a larger volume of people.”

A personal sanctuary

Vera Archuleta dreamed of being an esthetician since she was a teenager. She was inspired by skincare pioneer Danny Neifert, for whom she worked as a receptionist.

“I learned a lot from her,” she said.

Archuleta has been in business for four years now. She offers different kinds of facials as well as neck, arm, shoulder and décolleté hot oil massages.

“I love making my clients feel refreshed and beautiful,” she said. “I also feel soothed and happy when I am giving facials…my work is like a personal sanctuary to me.”


The two businesses are located at Yucca Plaza, 216 Paseo del Pueblo Norte.

To schedule an appointment with Jennings, call 845-548-1681.

To schedule an appointment with Archuleta, call 575 770 1654.