The gift of beauty

Nabis Naturals

“If you want to make your family and friends happy this holiday, give them the gift of beauty,” says Montserrat Oyanedel.

Originally published in Taos News

Oyanedel is the creator, with Kristel McKanna, of the first Taos hemp-based skincare company, Nabis Naturals. The two Chilean natives first developed a moisturizing serum and have just added a day cream and a night cream to their line. All the products use hemp seed oil as the main ingredient.

“We chose it because of the many beneficial effects that it has on the skin,” said Oyanedel. “Hemp seed oil reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and fights dryness as well.”

Other active ingredients are hyaluronic acid, Argan oil, vitamins E and B3, and rose hydrosol. The creams and the serum are absorbed fast and can be used under make-up. They are good for all skin types.

Nabis Naturals products are available at Ennui Gallery, Taos Market, KTAOS, Bumps (at Taos Ski Valley) and through the company’s website

The Lisset line

Dr. Marshall Reich and his wife Debra Reich are the creators of the Lisset serum and the Lisset moisturizer—both of them are trademarked.

The serum started as a product intended to reduce scarring in wound healing, but later became a powerful moisturizer with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that only needs to be applied for ten days every month.

The couple operates A Better You, a skin care clinic that offers cosmoceutical procedures like chemical peelings and dermal fillers under Dr. Reich’s direct supervision.

“A good diet, proper hydration and exercise are all very important,” said Debra Reich, “but sometimes you need extra help, particularly in our dry climate.”

Chemical peelings promote cellular renewal and improve the tone and texture of the skin, while also reactivating the production of collagen. They are effective to treat facial blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation. During a glycolic peeling, a very small scalpel is used to remove dead cells from the face, just before the acid is applied. Facials, on the other hand, are gentler, but equally effective.

“Our moisturizing facials can bring dry skin to life and leave it fresh and glowing,” Reich said. “The best thing about them is that you can see results immediately afterwards. Perfect procedures when you want to look your best for an upcoming holiday party!”

A Better You is located at Suite 67 B Northstar Plaza, Highway 522

Missy’s Organic Skincare and Spa

Missy Jennings, owner of Missy’s Organic Skincare and Spa, has created a cleanser and a moisturizer, both made by a local certified organic lab.

“The cleanser is unique,” she said. “It cleanses, tones, hydrates, exfoliates and acts as an anti aging product, all in one. Even men like to use it because it softens the skin and hair so much that it makes for a smoother shave. The moisturizer reduces the look of lines, wrinkles, dullness, and dehydration. It also offers UV protection.”

She is also developing other products that will be sold early in 2015, like a lip balm and a hydrating body spray.

Jennings specializes in eyebrow design and shapes them according to people’s facial features. She spends at least a half hour on this service and has developed a method to help re-grow brows.

She offers customized facials as well as massages. Two massage therapists just started working with her.

“We also have clothes and jewelry, and a make-up artist available,” Jennings said. “Missy’s is your one-stop beauty and body shop for the holidays.”

For products and services, contact Jennings at the store, Missy’s Organic Skincare and Spa, located at 121 Camino de la Placita.