PAM-pered Pets wins SCORE award


Pam Busick with Charlie

Originally published in Taos News

There is no bad hair day for dogs and cats when they visit PAM-pered Pets. Owner Pam Busick has managed to create a spa-like experience for her four-legged clients.

“When a dog comes to me for the first time, it may be scared or anxious, but my goal is to bring it around to peace and happiness,” she said. “In the end, they all realize that they are here to be pampered, and get to enjoy the experience.”

The same goes for cats.

“I remember some long-haired cats brought in to be clipped short that were ready to turn into little lions,” Busick said. “But after I communicated with them and let them know that everything was going to be fine—and fun!—they relaxed and began to purr. The transformations that I’ve seen here are amazing!”

Visiting Aunt Pam

Busick started her business, PAM-pered Pets, in April 2010. Initially it was focused on grooming, but soon her customers began to ask her if she would board their pets as well.

“I thought about it and decided it would be a natural extension of my business,” she said. “I am here all day grooming cats and dogs so I can easily keep an eye on those that are boarded as well.”

The property that Pam and Greg Busick own in Carson is on twenty-seven acres of pristine land. They take the boarded dogs out for runs every morning.

“On a leash,” she emphasizes. “There are some owners who have asked me to let them run loose but I’d never do that. The dogs’ safety is a priority for me.”

She has established a safe and nurturing space for cats and dogs, a home-style boarding environment, and intends to keep it this way.

“I don’t ever want my place to become a commercial type of kennel,” she said. “When dogs and cats come here, they should feel like they are coming to visit Uncle Greg and Aunt Pam.”

She also offers training sessions and day care.

“I often do one-on-one training sessions,” she said. “But I can do group classes if necessary.”

Volunteer work

Busick has groomed many shelter dogs. Besides, she fosters some who have outlived their owners and need a place to stay while waiting for their next forever home.

“One of my recent success stories is about a small black poodle named Nika,” she said. “The first owner couldn’t keep her so I placed her with a new one in Oklahoma. Well, Nika helped her new owner overcome her depression and is now registered as a therapy dog, traveling with her every day to work.”

Winning the championship

On March 22nd, PAM-pered Pets was chosen as a winner of the American Small Business Championship hosted by SCORE—a national nonprofit dedicated to mentoring small business owners, supported by Sam’s Club.

One hundred two small businesses received the award for their dedication to success. All champions got a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card and an all-expense-paid trip to a regional training event that took place in Phoenix, Arizona, last week. They will also get mentoring for one year, offered by a SCORE member.

It was Gillian Fryer, owner of Blue Feather Soap—a local business that won the same contest last year—who encouraged Busick to enter the competition.

“I jumped on board right away,” she said. “The rules said that we needed to get one hundred Facebook votes. When I submitted my proposal I had seventeen hundred votes. I am so grateful to all my clients and friends!”

She also wrote an essay explaining why winning the contest would benefit her and her business.

“I wrote about my dream to put up a small building next to the house where I can provide more space for grooming and boarding,” she said. “I explained how SCORE coaching will also help me learn how I can improve my business in areas like finances and advertising.”

When Busick was notified that she had won, she was ecstatic.

“I am so grateful to receive this recognition for the obstacles I have overcome as a small business owner,” she said.

She just returned from Phoenix, where she attended the award ceremony and a symposium that included training and mentoring sessions.

“We had outstanding speakers and presenters like David Bobbitt, president of the SCORE Foundation,” she said. “It was very educational and I met many exceptional championship winners. It was such a valuable, inspirational experience for small business owners! This is a very exciting journey, filled with personal growth and learning along the way.”

PAM-pered Pets is also eligible to win an additional $25,000 grand prize. This summer, a judging panel of experts will select one Grand Champion from the group of small business winners. Selection is based on how effectively they utilize the Sam’s Club gift card and the SCORE regional training events to grow business revenue, and how well they promoted the championship in the media.

“I am eager to work toward that goal,” said Busick. “I want to thank our wonderful community, both local and online, for helping me succeed. This would not have been possible without you.”

Sidebar: A satisfied customer

As a repeat client, I have only good things to say about Pam. Our dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a long list of health problems that include near blindness, diabetes and hip issues. She puts him at ease when he is stressed out and he always comes home looking adorable. I feel she treats my dog as if he were one of her own. Gracias, Pam!

PAM-pered Pets is located at 35 S. Carson Rd

Phone: 575-751-7286.