Red Arrow Emporium moves to Overland 

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Red Arrow Emporium has been a Taos fixture since 2003.

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The store has recently relocated to a bigger space. Their iconic “red chair in the air” is now at the Overland Sheepskin Ranch.

“One of our wonderful customers came in one day and told us that the big store in Overland was empty and that we belonged there,” said owner Phyllis Tutor-Molineux. “My husband David went to talk to them. And he came back and said, ‘Oh, by the way, I got you that new big building.’ It was so fast that I was a bit surprised but it has been a lot of fun.”

They opened up at the new location the day after Thanksgiving and had over two hundred people in the first day.

“The entire town is talking about us and how our new home is just where we belong,” said owner David Molineux.

“And we agree,” said Tutor. “The expansive new showroom is just perfect to display our merchandise.”

A good place to get married

Phyllis Tutor-Molineux and David Molineux have a long love history with Taos. They came in 1969 and got married here.

“We had heard that during the pioneer days people would stop in Taos because of the Sacred Mountain,” Tutor said, “so we thought that it would be a good place to get married.”

(It has worked for them—they have been married for over four decades.)

They moved to Taos in 1999, from Lighthouse Point, Florida, where they had raised their three children.

“Our daughter Myca now lives here in Taos and is our resident artist,” said Tutor. “She also shows at the restaurant Medley.”

The couple has always been in business for themselves: first in the flooring business (since 1970) and the furniture business since 1996.

“We have a lot of experience,” said Tutor, “but most importantly, we enjoy dealing with people in a daily basis.”

Love of leather

Leather furniture lends a luxurious look to any space. There are timelessly classic dark leather pieces and there are also the vibrant shades and adventurous flashpoints that make a room come alive.

Red Arrow Emporium carries a variety of brands, among them Omnia, known for their handcrafted furniture that uses only 100% top grain leather, and Classic Leather.

“All the Omnia pieces are designed, manufactured and shipped from the United States,” said Molineux.

Specialty: fine American furniture

Other fine furniture lines they carry are American West, King Hickory and Old Hickory.

“Old Hickory Furniture Company was founded in 1899 and their meticulously handcrafted pieces are still very popular,” said Tutor-Molineux.

“We are unique in Taos because we carry a great number of American-made products and we can pretty much get you anything that you are thinking about,” said Molineux. “We have everything from mid-century modern, traditional, industrial, lodge, and urban loft to Southwest.”

Designer services

“Besides that, we help people make their design dreams come true,” Tutor-Molineux said. “Our slogan is ‘If you can dream it, we can make it.’”

Tutor is a professional designer. She attended the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University and can put together a whole room, from big pieces like sofas and recliners to accent pieces like lamps and paintings.

“Designing is my passion,” she said.

Sofas and beds

They also have chairs, love seats, sectionals, recliners, gliders, swivels, sleepers, and chaises.

Sofas are among the bestsellers.

“Sofa sales have been really brisk this season,” said Molineux. “Our ability to ship around the country has made it possible.”

Sofas are often decorated with pillows and there are plenty to choose from: Southwest designs, flags, flowers, trucks and animals—there is one that portrays a realistic Papillon pooch, inspired by the in-house dog, Bosley.

Pillows were sold in large quantities for the holidays and are still hot items.

“And then there are our newly arrived made-in-New Mexico purses,” Tutor-Molineux said.

They carry a wide range of beds, bedding, custom-made headboards, and Simmons Beautyrest mattresses.

There are also lighting accessories, clocks, tables, belts, and much more. So much that one can easily spend one hour in the store and not see everything.

Building solid relationships

The Red Arrow Emporium owners pride themselves in their high level of customer service. That goes beyond closing a sale—they create long lasting relationships with their clients, who often return to them for more pieces of furniture.

“We have also worked hard over the years to create solid relationships with our vendors,” Molineux said, “to make sure that we have the exclusive in our area and are not diluting the local market. We strive to maintain the very best in customer service and with the most unique design services available to our loyal clients.”

Red Arrow Emporium is located at 1405 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, El Prado (Overland Complex)

Phone: (575) 758-0540.

Classic Leather chair


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