Interview with Karina Cano

Interview with Karina Cano, site manager for Karina is of Hispanic and Yaqui Indian descent, a U.T. Austin grad and calls the Alamo City of San Antonio home.

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Teresa Dovalpage: Why did you decide to open

Karina Cano: We re-launched last year.  It’s been a lot of fun (and a lot of work, claro, but we love it!)  We’d originally launched it a few years back initially.

Teresa Dovalpage: What does do? 

Karina Cano: is a promotional and publishing platform to and from Hispanics, Latinos, and the public.  

Teresa Dovalpage: Can anyone collaborate? How long should the articles be?

Karina Cano: Yes, we welcome submissions to the site.  We publish all kinds of information to include opinion articles, interviews, and press releases.  We also promote that information to the public via our social media, RSS, and newsletter feeds.

Teresa Dovalpage: Is there any particular topic you are interested in publishing?

Karina Cano: We publish most all topics as long as they meet our site’s guidelines.  We review all information submitted to ensure it’s of interest to the community.  

Teresa Dovalpage: Do you accept short fiction or poetry?

Karina Cano:  Short fiction or poetry is a great idea!  I’d say on a case by case basis, we would be happy to publish this, dependent on the material.  We encourage folks to get in touch.

Teresa Dovalpage: There are many interesting articles and interviews in, but Latino recipes are among my favorites. I loved Pinto Beans a la Charra… enjoy!

pinto beans courtesy jeffreyw