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Dr. Marshall Reich and his wife Debra Reich came to Taos 12 years ago, looking for a town with a slower pace. Before, they had lived in Colorado, where Dr. Reich was in private practice.

They decided to open A Better You, a skin care clinic, in 2005.

“Taos needed a place like ours,” said Debra Reich. “Even today, 8 years later, we are the only ones in town that offer cosmoceutical procedures, like chemical peelings and fillers, under a doctor’s direct supervision.”

Dr. Marshall Reich is a Board Certified Surgeon and a Fellow in the AmericanCollege of Surgeons. He has been part of the clinical faculty at the University of Colorado College of Medicine and the University of New Mexico College of Medicine. He has done research on skin problems for over 20 years.

Debra Reich is a licensed paramedic aesthetician who has studied in New York and Paris.

Services and treatments
In the general dermatology area, Dr. Reich treats skin conditions like acne, contact dermatitis, eczema, hair loss, moles, melanoma, skin growths and warts, among others.

As for cosmetic dermatological services, he offers topical medication for facial discoloration, Botox, fillers like Restylane and Perlane, and sclerotherapy for leg veins.

“None of our procedures are magical,” said Dr. Reich. “Proper nutrition and exercise are important factors that contribute to having a good physical appearance, but injectables like Perlane can indeed help improve the way people look.”

Patients can also get different kinds of chemical peelings at A Better You.

“Peelings are restorative procedures that promote cellular renewal and improve the tone and texture of the skin,” said Dr. Reich. “They can also reactivate the production of collagen. During the glycolic peeling, for example, a very small scalpel is used to remove dead cells from the face, then the glycolic acid is applied.”

Debra Reich offers an innovative hydrating facial that leaves the skin supple and moisturized.

“Perfect for the dry summer weather,” she said. “It restores the skin’s natural, fresh appearance and brings the facial to a new level of luxury.”

Her patients often require a hot paraffin wax treatment for the hands that has proved very effective for people with arthritis.

“It’s also a great help for anybody who has pain in the joints of the hands,” she said. “A hot wax treatment can ease inflammation quickly and with no side effects. Patients immediately notice an improvement of their condition.”

As an added bonus, the paraffin wax used at A Better You has the smell and taste of chocolate.

“A Better You isn’t just a regular beauty spa,” she said. “We treat skin problems medically.”

The Lisset discovery

The clinic also sells two products, Lisset serum and Lisset moisturizer, that Dr. Reich and his wife created and trademarked.

The creation of the Lisset Serum took 25 years of study and research, said Dr. Reich. What started as a product to reduce scarring in wound healing became a powerful moisturizer, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging serum that only needs to be applied for 10 days each month. It also protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays and stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis.

“It’s a totally green product,” said Dr. Reich. “It’s handmade in the United States using all natural ingredients.”

Combining the sales of the Lisset serum and moisturizer with La Roche-Posay skin care line is a practice that they have adopted as part of their business.

Secrets of the trade

“Everything in this business is a challenge,” said Debra Reich. “You have to accept it and rise to the moment. We strive to offer the best possible service to our patients and we are honest with them about how much we can help them.”

“Our secret for staying in business is being hardworking people who are always prepared to explore new ideas,” said Dr. Reich. “And having a passion for what we do. I guess I could retire now, but I am happy to continue helping my patients and making their lives better.”

“Everything here is done in a creative way to improve the way people look, not just to ‘fill’ wrinkles,” said his wife. “That contributes to the success of a business, plus a genuine care for our patients and clients.”

A Better You is located at Suite 67 B Northstar Plaza, Highway 522

El Prado, NM 87529

Telephone: (575) 776-8332


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