Deliberately Fit: a fitness hub in the middle of town

Deliberately Fit

Photo: Tina Larkin

There is no excuse for not staying fit in Taos. A new fitness center, Deliberately Fit, owned by Rosa and Brannon Badeaux, opened its doors last June.

This is the only gym in town with 24-hour access, which makes it ideal for fitness loving night owls and people with flexible (or complicated) schedules.

“We decided to open the center because we saw a need for it,” said Rosa. “Many diseases like obesity and diabetes could be prevented by making the right choices in terms of diet and exercise. And this is our commitment with Deliberately Fit—we want to inspire people to have a healthy lifestyle.”

“We’d also like to educate the community in personal health so we are starting to offer classes on nutrition, emotional patterning and even biodynamics,” said Brannon.

Their goal is to create a health and fitness hub, a place where people can go not only to work out but also to learn about issues like cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, and how to cleanse the body.

“In a few months, we will offer a training program for personal trainers,” said Brannon. “This is, in fact, a personal-trainer designed facility. We built it to optimize each member’s workouts.”

The founders—a passion for fitness

Both Rosa and Brannon Badeaux are both well-known personal trainers in our community. Rosa is an AmericanCollege of Sports and Medicine specialist, a certified Pilates instructor and a lifestyle counselor. She has taught fitness classes at Santa FeCommunity College and UNM Taos, worked one-on-one with clients and facilitated experiential and educational workshops.

Brannon holds a Masters in Education and is an American Aerobic Association International/ International Sports Medicine Association personal trainer, older adult specialist and a certified TRX trainer.

“We combined our knowledge of training and our love for sports when we designed the center,” said Rosa. “We had in mind, first of all, the wellbeing of the members and the entire Taos community. You will see this not only in our selection of equipment, but also in the way our gym is laid out and in the green products we used to remodel our facility as well as the products we use now to clean it every day.”
Their many years of experience in the field of fitness have created a specialized facility unique to the Taos area. However, owning a fitness facility is quite different from personal training.

“Personal training is about the welfare of one person,” said Brannon. “Running a business is about the wellbeing of your employees and all the lives that they touch.”

Their days are now spent working one-on-one with clients, members and employees to make sure each person’s experience is of the highest quality possible, says Rosa.
“I think we don’t spend many hours off the business,” says Brannon. “I even dream of it. Our meals are full of conversations about decisions around the business.”

They both were doing quite well as personal trainers and educators. Then, why open their own business, with all the work that it implies?

A dream fulfilled

The idea of owning a gym had been in Rosa’s mind for a long time. While still in college, in her early twenties, she had already written her first business plan for such a facility.

“When I was younger I struggled with body image and health issues,” she said. “For many years, my dream was to own a facility that could help with these overwhelming and complex issues. Now that I have practiced in the health and fitness field for over ten years, I see the growing need that communities have for solutions to the health crisis in people’s lives.”
Seeing the results of their work is the best part of their job, says Brannon, who enjoys being a part of the progress that people make through health and fitness.

“Everything is important, from the little changes in the body that allow a grandparent to pick up a grandchild again to the progress of achieving muscular balance which relieves chronic pain,” he said.

Getting the necessary equipment was part of the dream-come-true experience for both of them.

“We have the best strength and cardio machines,” said Brannon, “like Cybex, Precor and Body Masters, and an intense stair climber in the cardio room.”

They are planning to open a snack bar with healthy food choices as well.

Packages and costs

“We have kept the costs as reasonable as possible,” said Brannon. “First, there are no contracts, no initiation fee and no extra fees added to the costs of membership, which starts as low $39 monthly for regular members,  $29 for senior members and $25 for any additional family member.”

More rates and details can be found in the center’s website at

There are personal training packages, with no additional entrance fees to the gym for the needed.

“Personal sessions with a trainer last from 55 to 90 minutes,” said Rosa. “They are the best way to get familiar with the gym and the workout process, particularly for people who have not been active in a while. We offer one free session to new members.”

They also offer a variety of classes, including Zumba, yoga, Pilates and spin, and plan to build the class schedules around membership desires.

“This is your gym,” said Brannon. “Come by and try it. And by all means, be deliberate about your fitness!”

Deliberately Fit is located at 324 Paseo del Pueblo Sur

Phone: 575-758-2900

Advice to stay fit by Rosa and Brannon Badeaux (side bar)

Commit to exercise today. Just ten to twenty minutes of aerobic activity a day will boost your metabolism, give you more energy, help your mind function, and create cardiovascular adaptation (make your heart, lung, and blood vessels work as a healthier and more efficient system).

Drink more water.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.

Eat healthy fats and keep fat intake to less than 25% of total daily calories.

Find fun and active things to do with friends and family —games like Frisbee, volleyball, badminton and soccer, or take a walk or hike.

Join a 24-hour gym.


Deliberately Fit

Photo: Tina Larkin