Finding your casa in Taos

(Originally published in Enchanted Homes)

Glenda Archuleta Al-Nachef is a one-of-a kind Realtor. Not only does she speak three languages (English, Spanish and Arabic) but she also has an impressive resume as an administrator and an energetic, cheerful outlook on life. And she has a passion for teaching. Currently, besides working as a Realtor, Archuleta teaches conversational Spanish classes.

Archuleta has traveled all over the world. Her hometown is Questa but she and her husband live in Taos. “Our family made the decision to settle in Taos after working in the Middle East and now I am ready to help others enjoy the majestic beauty that the Taos area has to offer,” she said.

Her background consists of a long history of administrative positions, retail and customer service jobs. When she came back to Taos, her first job was as an Office Manager in a Real Estate/Property Management office. But soon she realized that her experience and skills would be more useful on the agent side.  “I especially found the real estate field to be exciting and challenging and I strongly felt that being a native of this ‘land of enchantment’ was indeed a plus for my career,” she said.

She believes that the secret to success in this business is the personal and direct relationship with the client. “I will be utilizing all available marketing strategies in English and Spanish to get the exposure I need,” she said. “By the end of the day, my goal is to pair the customers with the right home suitable for their needs.” For example, Archuleta is now searching for the right buyers for a gorgeous three-bedroom house in Vista Linda, a property not affected by the Cristoval de la Serna Land Grant.

Though she acknowledges that Internet marketing is the tool to use in our modern age and time, Archuleta believes that in our community, the personal connection and the dual-lingual word of mouth still play a big part of a marketing strategy. “But I am in the process of developing my website to be available to capture the outside demand as well as the local needs,” she said.

Owning a house is one the biggest and longest investments a person can make. “So it has to be done right on the first try,” Archuleta said, “to avoid a lot of headaches later.” That’s why she loves to turn people’s home dreams into realities. She is passionate about her product and she intends to share her passion with her clients.

Archuleta believes that there are many advantages to being a Realtor in Taos, particularly the fact that this is a small community, which makes it easy to be familiar with all the real estate on the market. “And we can’t overlook the opportunity to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the country,” she said. Besides, Taos real estate market prices were not affected as much as in many other states.

But there are cons, too. The Taos real estate market is seasonal, limited to certain number of productive months during the year. “Often, our market here is also limited to a specific group of customers who are capable of investing in a second home, land, or an income property. Jobs are limited in the area and people tend to buy in Taos  for retirement, vacation second homes, or for investment ventures.”

However, Archuleta is convinced that this is the perfect time to prepare to become a Realtor. “I believe that once the economy starts recovering, which I feel will happen soon, the first market to be affected positively will be real estate because people would want to take advantage of the low prices and interest rates available before they start increasing.”

Archuleta advises anyone interested in becoming a Realtor to be selective on the brokerage they would like be associated with.  She works with Exit Enchanted Reality and considers it a home and a great place to work.

When I ask for advice to potential sellers and buyers, she said, “I would encourage those who are capable of investing in the real estate market to grab the opportunity currently available, which will in turn help jumpstart the industry.”

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