A Virgin for Cachita

From The Astral Plane: Stories of Cuba, The Southwest, and Beyond “Coffee is a great procurer of witchcraft and one shouldn’t drink it in strangers’ homes.” Lydia Cabrera, El Monte. Martin poured milk in his cup of coffee and kept adding it until the mix became the color of Cachita’s skin, a light brown hue….

A chic-tea short story

Every Third Wednesday at the Saint James Tearoom A short story, now available in Amazon Three friends get together at the Saint James Tearoom in Albuquerque and deal with work issues, infidelity, how-to books and all things middle-aged. Featuring a real place, St. James Tearoom, in Albuquerque      


Originally published in Another Realm   Linda Mendez’s mission was to get rid of an infestation of killer rocks, as the Board had called it. She felt excited about her first real job after college, but still found it strange to consider rocks (or anything coming from the earth) as an enemy. During her childhood,…